First day on braces and about muji
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2017-03-24 - 10:39 a.m.

It's the first day of me in Damon clear braces...

After years of thinking (since my baby teeth deteriated around 8-9 years ago), I finally pulled the trigger.

The first feeling was that I was unable to close my mouth. That night, I started feeling uneasy and was not able to chew at all.

2.5 years to go... I hope it will be a breeze.

By the way, my baby girl muji will be one year old in a week. It has not been easy taking care of her / being a working mom. I now spend less than 15 mins daily in front of the mirror for myself (will
Bemore with braces I guess). I forgot what it was like to have 8 hour of sleep (I did it last night cos braces was killing me). Her skin issue was sooooooo serious that my tears run out everytime when I look at her pictures. I m glad that she is a lot better now and is a happy girl. I love her soooooo much and I know she loves me too.



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